Oogenesis and the Chromosomes of the Cystoid Nematode, Meloidodera floridensis

A. C. Triantaphyllou


Three Meloidodera floridensis populations of different geographic or host origin all reproduced by mitotic parthenogenesis. One of them from pine had a somatic chromosome number of 26, whereas, another population from pine and one from azalea had 2n = 27 chromosomes. All are considered to be triploid forms derived from an amphimictic ancestor with n = 9 chromosomes, the basic number in the closely related genus Heterodera. Evidence is presented which suggests that during division the chromosomes of the germ-line cells of the developing embryo behave differently than the chromosomes of all other blastomeres. Key Words: Reproduction, Cytology, Germ-line cells.

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