Changes in the Ultrastructure of the Gelatinous Matrix of Meloidogyne javanica During Dehydration

Alan F. Bird, A. Soeffky


The fine structure of the gelatinous matrix of Meloidogyne javanica in both moist and dry states was studied by means of chemical fixation and thin sectioning techniques and the freeze-etch method. The matrix consists of an irregular meshwork when hydrated and a uniform granular mass of much greater density when dehydrated. The spaces in the hydrated meshwork are presumed to contain water. The change from a hydrated to a dehydrated state is accompanied by an overall shrinkage and hardening of the egg mass with a change in color from yellow to reddish-orange. The possible functions of this unusual glycoprotein are discussed. Key words: freeze-etch, shrinkage, glycoprotein, electron microscope.

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