The Effects of Selected Antimetabolites and Antibiotics on Reproduction, Embryonic Development and Hatch of Meloidogyne hapla

R. H. Estey, C. Panayi


Meloidogyne hapla egg-laying was unaffected by a 3-day immersion in 40 ppm concentrations of 6-azauracil, 5-bromodeoxyuridine, or streptomycin sulfate in physiological saline. Comparable exposure to 1-20 ppm cycloheximide irreversibly inhibited egg-laying, but with exposures of 1, 3, or 9 hr, the effect was partly reversible. Of the few eggs laid after the nematodes were transferred to physiological saline, many were abnormally developed. Most of the unlaid eggs extracted from the uteri of cycloheximide-treated nematodes were nonviable. Oogenesis was irreversibly inhibited by the treatment. Cycloheximide stimulated embryonic development and some early hatching, but later hatching was inhibited. Key Words: Cycloheximide, Meloidogyne hapla, oogenesis, embryogenesis, egg-laying.

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