Races of the Barley Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne naasi. III. Reproduction and Pathogenicity on Creeping Bentgrass

R. E. Michell, R. B. Malek, D. P. Taylor, D. I. Edwards


Reproduction and pathogenicity of the five known races ofMeloidogyne naasi on two selections of creeping bentgrass were compared. Toronto C-15 was a host for Races 3, 4 and 5, whereas Northmoor 9 supported reproduction of all five races. Differences in susceptibility and population increase demonstrated that the races could be separated by degree of reproduction on the two selections. Root weights generally were unaffected. Based on cumulative dipping weights, all but Race 1 were pathogenic on at least one of the selections; Race 3 stunted top growth of both. Slight differences in degree of pathogenicity, associated with final populations, were not broad enough to be useful in race separation. Key words: Agrostis palustris, host range, population increase.

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