Survival and Reproduction of Some Nematodes as Affected by Muck and Organic Acids

I. A. Elmiligy, D. C. Norton


Fulvic, humic, acetic, N-bulyric, formic, lactic, and propionic acids were inhibitory to the survival or reproduction of Aphelenchus avenae, Aphelenchoides goodeyL Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus, Meloidogyne hapla or Xiphinema americanum. Reproduction of H. pseudorobustus and M. hapla significantly increased with increasing amounts of muck added to sand, and with the initial amount of nematode inoculum. All acids except humic and fulvic were lethal, in vitro, to all nematode species tested. When A. goodeyi was treated with fulvic acid, reproduction was reduced significantly when compared with sodium humate or water treatments. Treatment of H. pseudorobustus with fulvic acid (pH 3.5) resulted in a greater reduction in reproduction in soil than did treatment with humic acid (pH 3.5). Key word: toxicity.

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