A Compendium of the Genus Mononchoides Rahm, 1928 (Diplogastrinae: Nematoda)

W. T. Calaway, A. C. Tarjan


The diplogasterid genus Mononchoides Rahm, 1928 (syn: Eudiplogaster Paramonov, 1952) is reviewed. Examination of the descriptions of nominal species and synonyms indicates that generic characters are stave-like anterior stomal rhabdions, a claw-like dorsal tooth and subventral pyramidal tooth, and a cylindrical or prismatic telostom which is somewhat smaller in diameter than the protostom region. An amended generic description, a key to 18 species, and a table of diagnostic data is given. Mononchoides rhabdoderma (Völk, 1950) n. comb. and M. subamericanus (van der Linde, 1938) n. comb. are proposed. Diplogaster lictor Bastian, 1865 is regarded as species indeterminata while D. trichiuroides Schneider, 1937 is placed in species inquirendae. The differences between Mononchoides and five closely related genera of the Diplogastrinae are outlined. Key Words: Diplogastridae, taxonomy, classification, key.

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