Distribution Patterns of Some Criconematinae in Different Forest Associations

John K. Hoffmann, D. C. Norton


A total of 243 samples from Hemlock-Hardwood, Boreal Forest, and Alpine Tundra associations of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine were analyzed for species of Bakernema, Criconema, and Criconemoides and for selected edaphic factors. The Hemlock-Hardwood formation contained 13 species of these genera, but the Boreal Forest and Alpine Tundra contained only Criconema menzeli and Criconemoides sphagni. Criconemoides axeste, C. rusticum, and C. xenoplax were associated primarily with mineral soils that have high pH, low moisture after drainage, and organic matter content of less than 15%. Criconemoides sphagni was associated with organic soils that had low pH, high moisture after drainage, and organic matter content greater than 15%. Key Words: Boreal Forest, Hemlock-Hardwood, Tundra, pH, organic matter, Bakernema, Criconema, Criconemoides.

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