Chemotactic Responses of Male Caenorhabditis elegans

David B. Dusenbery


Cultures of C. elegans containing a high proportion of males were subjected to chemotactic tests by using the method of countercurrent separation. The responses of males and hermaphrodites were determined. Both types of worms preferred Na[sup+] over 1/2 Ca[sup+]², Cl[sup-] over NO[sub3][sup-]; they were attracted to NaCl, OH[sup-], cyclic AMP, pyridine, CO[sub2], in borate buffer (pH 8.8); and avoided CO[sub2] in phosphate buffer (pH 6.0), D-tryptophan, and acid. It was thus concluded that male C. elegans have the same chemotactic responses that hermaphrodites of this species are known to have. Key Words: attraction, behavior, nematode, repulsion.

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