Community Analyses of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in the Kalsow Prairie, Iowa

Don C. Norton, Donald P. Schmitt


Twenty-one species of plant-parasitic nematodes were recovered from 15 sites in the Kalsow Prairie, Iowa. Nematode communities were analyzed by prominence and importance values of the nematode species and also by diversity and concentration of dominance. The use of numbers and biomass were compared in indices of diversity and concentration of dominance. Tylenchorhynchus maximns ranked first in mean density/site, prominence value, and importance value, although it was not found as frequently as many other nematodes. Xiphinema americanum and T. maximus were among the dominant nematodes in 11 of 15 sites when biomass was used in the concentration-of-dominance index, but they were dominant in only five sites when numbers were used. Key Words: Tylenchorhynchus maxtmus, Xiphinema americanum, prominence value, importance value, diversity, similarity.

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