Reaction of Citrus Rootstocks to Meloidogyne javanica

R. N. Inserra, G. Perrotta, N. Vovlas, A. Catara


The response of Citrus spp. and related rootstocks to a population of Meloidogyne javanica was evaluated in a screenhouse experiment. Palestine and Rangpur lime, rough lemon, sour orange, Sexton and Thentriton tangelo, and Volkamer lemon were not infected by M. javanica. Galls and tip swellings were observed on the roots of Poncirus triloliata and Troyer citrange. There was no evidence of nematode development. Symptoms induced by the nematode were stelar division, syncytia formation in the vascular tissues, and necrotic cells. Key Words: root-knot nematode, histopathology, Poncirus trifoliata, Troyer citrange.

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