Distribution of Nothanguina phyllobia and Its Potential as a Biological Control Agent for Silver-leaf Nightshade

A. F. Robinson, C. C. Orr, J. R. Abernathy


The nematode Nothanguina phyllobia Thorne was found within large foliar galls on the perennial weed Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav. in west Texas. A two-year survey of a 6400 sq-km area in west Texas showed extensive distribution of the nematode. No hosts other than S. elaeagnifolium were observed. Densities of juvenile nematodes in the soil were high. N. phyllobia spread rapidly after small numbers of infective juveniles were applied in a foliar spray to an S. elaeagnifolium population. The host plant declined in vigor and frequently died. Artificial inoculation of an S. elaeagnifolium population with large numbers of the nematodes by broadcasting infected plant tissue resulted in high infection incidence. Key Words: leaf gall nematode, biological weed control.

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