Behavioral Effects of Carbofuran and Phenamiphos on Pratylenchus vulnus. I. Motility and Dispersion

N. Marban-Mendoza, D. R. Viglierchio


The motility and dispersion of Ptatylenchus vulnus was affected by lower concentrations of phenanliphos (an organophosphate) than of carbofuran (a carbamate). At the higher concentrations in the active ranges, somatic musculature activity was inhibited while the activity of internal-organ muscnlature persisted. Treated nematodes recovered when placed in aerated distilled water, but recovery decreased as treatment concentrations increased. Second-stage larvae dispersed more slowly than later stages or adults. Dispersion from a point source followed a natural log pattern under ideal conditions, similar to a diffusion pattern. Key Words: root-lesion nematodes, non-volatile nematicides, mode of action.

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