"Blinding" of shoots and a leaf gall in Amsinckia intermedia induced by Anguina amsinckia (Steiner and Scott, 1934) (Nemata, Tylenchidae), with a note on the absence of a rachis in A. amsinckia

C. Nagamine, A. R. Maggenti


"Blinding" and a leaf gall induced on Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. and Mey. by Anguina amsinckia (Steiner and Scott) are described. A. amsinckia induced blinding by galling the terminal apical meristem of its host. The leaf gall was formed by a ventral curling of the distal edge of the leaf. The absence of a rachis in the ovary of A. amsinckia is noted. Key Words: Anguina morphology.

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