Commercial Development and Future Prospects for Entomogenous Nematodes

J. J. Petersen, J. M. Cupello


Although entomogenous nenmtodes generally have many of the attributes of the ideal biocontrol agent, many of these attributes make the nematodes less than desirable for commercial production. Environmental limitations, lack of patent protection, "shelf life," shipping problems, and the need for users to receive specialized training are factors that have discouraged the involvement of larger companies. The future of these nematodes as commercially available biocontrol products appears to lie with the smaller "cottage industries" or with government-subsidized production. Problems encountered with attempts to produce commercially the mosquito parasite Romanomermis culicivorax are discussed. Key words: mermithid nematodes, mass production, commercial developmment of mermithids, Romanomermis culicivorax.

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