Characterization of Citrus Rootstock Responses to Tylenchulus semipenetrans (Cobb)

David T. Kaplan


Citrus rootstocks which significantly limited the reproduction of Tylenchulus semipenetrans (Cobb) "Citrus" and "Poncirus" biotypes responded to infection by producing a hypersensitive-type response in the root hypodermis, wound periderm and/or cavities in the root cortex, and/or abnormal vacuoles in nurse cell cytoplasm. Rootstocks which limited nematode reproduction also had significantly fewer nematodes in the rhizoplane within 8 d of inoculation than did rootstocks which did not limit reproduction. Germplasm sources of the cellular responses which limited citrus nematode reproduction were identified. Key words: histology, germplasm, rhizoplane, citrus nematode.

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