A Soil-free System for Assaying Nematicidal Activity of Chemicals

F. A. Preiser, J. R. Babu, A. A. Haidri


A biological assay system for studying the nematicidal activity of chemicals has been devised using a model consisting of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. cv. Long Marketer) seedlings growing in the diSPoÖ growth-pouch apparatus. Meloidogyne incognita was used as the test organism. The response was quantified in terms of the numbers of galls produced. Statistical procedures were applied to estimate the ED[sub5][sub0] values of currently available nematicides. This system permits accurate quantification of galling and requires much less space and effort than the currently used methods. Key words: nematicides, Meloidogyne, assay, screening, and growthpouch.

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