Effect of α-Tocopherol and Culture Method on Reproduction of Turbatrix aceti

Monica Kahn-Thomas, Hildegard E. Enesco


The effect of α-tocopherol on the reproductive capacity of the free-living nematode Turbatrix aceti was determined using three different culture methods: mass culture, pair culture. and single culture. Significant differences were observed between control and α-tocopherol cultured nematodes for all reproductive parameters measured. The reproductive period started at a significantly earlier time and the length of the reproductive period was significantly longer in α-tocopherol cultured nematodes. The average number of offspring was 34 in control cultures as compared to 55 in α-tocopherol cultures. The eggs of α-tocopherol cultured females showed a more regular outline and uniform distribution of yolk than did eggs from control females. Key words: physiology, reproduction, α-tocopherol, vitamin E, oocytes.

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