A Comparison of the Hatching of Juveniles from Cysts of Heterodera schachtii and H. trifolii

A. E. Steele, H. Toxopeus, W. Heijbroek


The effects of root diffusates of selected plants within the families Chenopodiaceae and Cruciferae and the hatching agent zinc chloride were tested for their effects on hatching and emergence of juveniles from cysts of Heterodera schachtii and a race of H. trifolii parasitic on Chenopodaceae and Cruciferae in The Netherlands. Although all diffusates strongly stimulated hatching of juveniles of H. schachtii, their effects on H. trifolii were less evident. Key words: sugarbeet diffusate, zinc chloride, Beta spp, Chenopodiaceae, Cruciferae, sugarbeet nematode, clover cyst nematode.

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