Biology of Heterodera mediterranea

N. Vovlas, R. N. Inserra


Heterodera mediterranea completes embryogenic development in 15-18 days at 24 ± 2 C. On olive and pistachio seedlings the postembryogenic development was completed in 42-50 days at 24-30 C. Juveniles and adults have semiendoparasitic habits and do not penetrate completely into the root tissue. This cyst forming nematode has been detected only on Olea europaea, Pistacia lentiscus, and P. vera. Syncytia formation and disorder of root stelar structure are the main anatomical changes induced by the parasite. Key words: cyst nematode, embryogenesis, histopathology, Oleo europaea. Pistacia lentiscus, P. vera, host range.

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