A New Gall-Forming Species of Anguina Scopoli, 1777 (Nemata: Anguinidae) on Bluegrass, Poa annua L., from the Coast of California

I. Cid Del Prado Vera, A. R. Maggenti


Anguina pacificae n. sp. is described and illustrated from stem galls on bluegrass, Poa annua L., from golf courses along coastal California. The females are characterized by constrictions in the anterior and posterior connections of the isthmus with the respective parts of the esophagus, the long multicellular columella, and the sharply pointed tail tip. Males are dorsally curved after death; body width is increased markedly after 13 annuli in both sexes, and the tail is conical and with an acute terminus. Key words: taxonomy, columella, galls, scanning electron microscopy.

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