Description of Pratylenchoides sheri n. sp. (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae)

R. T. Robbins


Pratylenchoides sheri n. sp., a bisexual species from the Pacific coastal area of California, is described and illustrated. Its most distinctive characters are the esophageal glands slightly overlapping the intestine dorsally, the large ventrally slanting esophago-intestinal valve, the lack of labial sectors in the first lip annule, the presence of males, and apparently functional spermatheca. Pratylenchoides sheri is morphologically similar to P. magnicauda, but differs in length and labial conformation, its more anterior vulva, and the presence of males. Relationships of head and esophagus gland lobe characters of P. sheri are compared to other Pratylenchoides species. Key words: taxonomy, morphology, new species, scanning electron microscopy.

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