Association of Criconemella xenoplax and Fusarium spp. with Root Necrosis and Growth of Peach

A. P. Nyczepir, P. L. Pusey


Griconemella xenoplax, Fusarium solani, and F. oxysporum caused necrosis of Nemaguard peach feeder roots in greenhouse tests. Root necrosis was more extensive in the presence of either fungus than wtih C. xenoplax alone. Shoot growth and plant height were less for plants inoculated with F. oxysporum or F. solani than for plants inoculated with the fungi plus C. xenoplax. Neither synergistic nor additive effects on root necrosis or plant growth occurred between C. xenoplax and the fungal pathogens. Key words: Criconemella xenoplax, ring nematode, interaction, Prunus persica, Fusarium solani, F. oxysporum.

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