Morphological Variation in Xiphinema spp. from New York Orchards

Laura L. Georgi


Xiphinema specimens were collected from orchards in southeastern, northeastern, and western New York. Total length, distance of vulva from anterior end, spear length (odontostyle plus odontophore), body diameter at vulva, tail length, anal body diameter, and length and diameter of hyaline tail tip were measured on fixed, glycerol-infiltrated adult females. Most specimens were identified as X. americanum or X. rivesi, but one western New York population was identified as X. californicum (a new record for New York). Multivariate analyses indicated that, with one exception, western New York populations of both X. americanum and X. rivesi were smaller and slimmer than their eastern counterparts. Regional differences were generally larger than differences attributed to host species. Key words: Xiphinema americanum, X. californicum, X. rivesi, Malus pumila, Prunus avium, P. persica, morphology.

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