A Method for Staining Nematode Secretions and Structures

D. Premachandran, N. Von Mende, R. S. Hussey, M. A. McClure


Secretions from amphids, phasmids, and excretory system were stained by incubating nematodes in 0.1% coomassie brilliant blue G-250 in 40% aqueous methanol containing 10% acetic acid on slides with coverslips sealed with nail polish or Zut. Nematodes incubated in this staining solution usually produced copious amounts of secretions from their amphids and excretory pore. Phasmids also stained dark blue, enabling them to be easily observed. Other biological dyes stained these secretions or were useful for differentiating specific morphological features of nematodes. Key words: secretion, amphid, phasmid, excretory system, stain, coomassie brilliant blue, exudate.

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