Trichodorus petrusalberti n. sp. (Nematoda: Trichodoridae) from Rice with Additional Notes on the Morphology of T. sanniae and T. rinae

D. De Waele


A new species in the family Trichodoridae, from the rhizosphere of rice (Oryza saliva L.) in Northern Natal, South Africa, is described and illustrated. Trichodorus petrusalberti n. sp. resembles T. taylori De Waele, Mancini, Roca, and Lamberti, 1982, T. hooperi Loof, 1973, and T. complexus Rahman, Jairajpuri, and Ahmad, 1985, from which it is distinguished by the shape of the spicules. It is distinguished from the former two species by the nonthickened terminal cuticle in the males and by the shape and sclerotization of the vulval-vaginal region in lateral view in the females. Additional morphological details are given for T. sanniae Vermeulen and Heyns, 1985 and T. rinae Vermeulen and Heyns, 1985. Key words: stubby-root nematode, taxonomy, morphology, Oryza saliva, South Africa.

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