A Key and Diagnostic Compendium to the Species of the Genus Pratylenchus Filipjev, 1936 (Lesion Nematodes)

Zafar Ahmad Handoo, A. Morgan Golden


An identification key to 63 species of Pratylenchus is given. A compendium of the most diagnostic characters to be used directly in identification of species is included as a practical alternative and supplement to the key. P. tenuis, P. similis, P. impar, P. ranjani, and P. neocapitatus are recognized as valid species on the basis of study of type specimens. P. hyderabadensis Singh & Gill, 1986 is synonymized with P. dasi Fortuner, 1985. P. hexincisus Taylor & Jenkins, 1957 is confirmed as occasionally having 4 -6 lines in lateral field (instead of 6 only). Comments on the status of some species and a list of species of the genus are given. Key words: diagnostic compendium, identification, key, morphology, Pratylenchus, taxonomy.

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