Agamermis unka (Mermithidae) Parasitism of Nilaparvata lugens in Rice Fields in Korea

Ho Yul Choo, Harry K. Kaya, Jeong Boo Kim


The mermithid Agamermis unka, a parasite of the brown planthopper (BPH), was found in many rice paddies in Gyeongnam Province, Korea. Nematode parasitism of adult BPH varied from year to year, reaching as high as 50% in paddies not treated with an insecticide. Parasitism was lower in insecticide-treated paddies. Generally, mermithid parasitism was higher in BPH adults collected from the lower part (19%) compared with adults collected from the upper part (8%) of the rice plant and in brachypterous (57%) compared with macropterous forms (8%). No difference in parasitism between first (54%) and second (57%) generation was observed. Key words: Agamermis unka, biological control, brown planthopper, entomogenous nematode, integrated control, mermithid, Nilaparvata lugens, rice pest.

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