Abundance and Vertical Distribution of Longidorus breviannulatus Associated with Corn and Potato

A. E. MacGuidwin


Longidorus breviannulatus was detected in a field planted to corn after 13 years of potato. Nematode populations were maintained in this field in adjacent corn and potato plots for 2 years but did not increase significantly on either crop. Population levels increased until approximately 60 days after planting and then declined until the end of the growing season. Overwinter mortality was negligible. The vertical distribution of the nematode population changed during the course of the season. More nematodes were recovered from depths of 0-15 cm in early season samples and from depths of 15-30 cm in late season samples. Data indicated that this redistribution was due to nematode migration. Key words: corn, corn needle nematode, Longidorus breviannulatus, migration, potato, Solanum tuberosum, vertical distribution, Zea mays.

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