Xiphinema llanosum and Trophurus vultus, Two New Plant Nematode Species from Pasture Soils in Colombia

M. R. Siddiqi, J. M. Lenne


Xiphinema llanosum n. sp. and Trophurus vultus n. sp. are described and illustrated from grass soils in Llanos Orientales, Colombia. Xiphinema llanosum is a bisexual species. The female body length is 2.3-2.7 mm, odontostyle 86-96 [mu]m, and odontophore 58-65 [mu]m long; vulva at 42-47%; anterior ovary is absent; the anterior uterus and oviduct are similar to the posterior branch but slightly reduced; and the tail is dorsally convex-conoid with a blunt hemispherical terminus. Male body length is 2.06-2.96 mm; spicules are 40-44 [mu]m long; and four (rarely three or five) anterior ventromedian supplementary papillae are present. Trophurus vultus females are 0.52-0.67 mm long; vulva at 56-60%; stylet is 10.5-13.5 [mu]m long; isthmus is as long as the basal esophageal bulb; the tail is subclavate, 1.6-2.2 times anal body width long; and the terminal cuticle thickness is about one-sixth of the tail length. Key words: Andropogon gayanus, Colombia, new species, pasture grass, taxonomy, Trachypogon sp., Trophurus vultus, Xiphinema llanosum.

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