Artificial Feeding Systems for Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

B. Y. Tsai, S. D. Van Gundy


Feeding of an "obligate" plant-parasitic nematode (nonfungal feeder), Pratylenchus scribneri, in the absence of plant tissue was demonstrated in an artificial system consisting of liquid media and indicator dyes including amaranth and various nontoxic food colors. Among the compounds tested, sucrose, dextrose, Gamborg's B5 medium, and DL-methionine stimulated a small percentage of feeding (12-36%). A high percentage of feeding (90-100%) occurred in a filtrate from excised corn roots cultured in Gamborg's B5 medium. This feeding system has the potential to develop an artificial medium for plant-parasitic nematodes and to screen novel nematicides that are stomach poisons. Key words: amaranth, dye, feeding stimuli, feeding system, food color, indicator, nematode bait, Pratylenchus scribneri, screening.

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