Plant Protection with Inorganic Ions

C. E. Castro, H. E. McKinney, S. Lux


Gradients of salts of the specific ion repellents for Meloidogyne incognita -- NH[sub4][sup+], K[sup+], Cl[sup-], and NO[sub3][sup-] -- have been demonstrated to shield tomato roots from infestation in soil. The strategy of these greenhouse experiments was to interpose a salt barrier in a soil column between the plant roots and the nematodes. The relative effectiveness of the salts as a barrier to infective second-stage juveniles in a sandy loam was NH[sub4]NO[sub3], NH[sub4]Cl KNO[sub3] KCl. Some of these ions are beneficial to plant growth, and the results suggest that a new environmentally tolerable means of plant protection is possible. Key words: ion, Lycopersicon esculentum, Meloidogyne incognita, nematode, protection, repellent.

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