The Genus Prochromadora with a Redescription of P. orleji from a Marine Saltern in the People[sub9]s Republic of China

A. C. Tarjan, J. S. Davis, K. B. Nguyen


The genus Prochromadora Filipjev, 1922 comprising nine species is reviewed and a key is presented. Salient diagnostic characters of the genus are a single, large, solid dorsal tooth and a cuticle showing transverse rows of homogenous punctations that extend around the body without intervening lateral differentiation. A redescription and drawings of P. orleji from a solar saltworks in Qingdao, Shandong, the People's Republic of China, are presented. Key words: marine nematode, marine saltern, nematode, morphology, People's Republic of China, Prochromadora, P. argentinensis, P. asupplementa, P. bulbosa, P. exigua, P. magna, P. megodonta, P. orleji, P. spitzbergensis, P. trisupplementa.

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