Addendum to the Morphology of Steinernema scapterisci

Khuong B. Nguyen, Grover C. Smart, Jr.


This paper provides additional information on the morphology of Steinernema scapterisci. For females, the amphids are shown for the first time, and clearer scanning electron microscope (SEM) photographs of the six labial and four cephalic papillae are presented. For males, six labial and four cephalic papillae, one or two pairs of additional genital papillae, and the death shape are shown. For infective juveniles, six labial and four cephalic papillae and an elevated oral disc are shown. Key words: amphid, cephalic papilla, epiptygma, labial papilla, genital papilla, morphology, nematode, SEM, Steinernema scapterisci.

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