Diversity of Xiphinema americanum-group Species and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Morphometrics

Franco Lamberti, Aurelio Ciancio


Of the 39 species composing the Xiphinema americanum group, 14 were described originally from North America and two others have been reported from this region. Many species are very similar morphologically and can be distinguished only by a difficult comparison of various combinations of some morphometric characters. Study of morphometrics of 49 populations, including the type populations of the 39 species attributed to this group, by principal component analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis placed the populations into five subgroups, proposed here as the X. brevicolle subgroup (seven species), the X. americanum subgroup (17 species), the X. taylori subgroup (two species), the X. pachtaicum subgroup (eight species), and the X. lambertii subgroup (five species). Key words: hierarchical cluster analysis, morphometrics, principal component analysis, systematics, taxonomy, Xiphinema.

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