Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Separates Species of the Xiphinema americanum Group

Thierry C. Vrain


The Xiphinema americanum group of species is responsible for vectoring several important virus diseases to perennial crops. Variability of transmission of viruses by different species, and difficulties in separating species by morphometric measurements alone, make it essential to reassess the taxonomic position of several species in the group. The measurement of DNA sequence variability is a sensitive assay that can re-evaluate the separation of species and populations from each other. This study describes how an RFLP approach, in which the restriction sites in transcribed spacers of ribosomal repeats were detected, confirmed the separation of 16 populations of these species into X. americanum, X. rivesi, X. pacificum, and X. bricolensis. Key words: DNA, nematode, systematics, taxonomy, Xiphinema.

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