Comparative Response of Alfalfa to Pratylenchus Penetrans Populations

G. D. Griffin


Four populations of Pratylenchus penetrans did not differ (P 0.05) in their virulence or reproductive capability on Lahontan alfalfa. There was a negative relationship (r = -0 .7 9 ) between plant survival and nematode inocula densities at 26 ± 3 C in the greenhouse. All plants survived at an inoculum level (Pi) of 1 nematode/cm³ soil, whereas survival rates were 50 to 55% at 20 nematodes/cm³ soil. Alfalfa shoot and root weights were negatively correlated (r = - 0.87; P 0.05) with nematode inoculum densities. Plant shoot weight reductions ranged from 13 % at Pi 1 nematode/cm³ soil to 69% for Pi 20 nematodes/cm³ soil, whereas root weight reductions ranged from 17% for Pi 1 nematode/cm³ soil to 75% for Pi 20 nematodes/cm³ soil. Maximum and minimum nematode reproduction (Pf/Pi) for the P. penetrans populations were 26.7 and 6.2 for Pi 1 and 20 nematodes/cm³ soil, respectively. There were negative correlations between nematode inoculum densities and plant survival (r = 0.84), and soil temperature and plant survival (r = -0 .7 8 ). Nematode reproduction was positively correlated to root weight (r = 0.89). Key words: alfalfa, Lahontan, Medicago sativa, nematode, plant survival, Pratylenchus penetrans, reproduction, temperature, virulence.

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