A Free-living Panagrolaimus sp. from Armenia Can Survive in Anhydrobiosis for 8.7 Years

Raffi V. Aroian, Lynn Carta, Isgouhi Kaloshian, Paul W. Sternberg


Although the ability of plant-parasitic nematodes to survive in a dehydrated or anhydrobiotic state for long periods of time has been well documented, the ability of free-living nematodes has not. Here we report on the survival of a free-living nematode, Panagrolaimus sp., from Armenia in the anhydrobiotic state for 8.7 years. This Panagrolaimus sp. can be cultured and maintained readily and may provide a good system for studying anhydrobiosis in nematodes. Key words: anhydrobiosis, Armenia, free-living nematode, Panagrolaimus, survival.

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