Accelerated Degradation of Fenamiphos and Its Metabolites in Soil Previously Treated with Fenamiphos

R. F. Davis, A. W. Johnson, R. D. Wauchope


The degradation of fenamiphos, fenamiphos sulfoxide, and fenamiphos sulfone was determined in a greenhouse experiment using autoclaved and nonautoclaved soil from field plots treated or not treated with fenamiphos. Fenamiphos degradation and formation of fenamiphos sulfoxide was faster in uonautoclaved soil than in autoclaved soil. In nonautoclaved soil, previous exposure to fenamiphos was associated with increased rate of degradation of fenamiphos snlfoxide. Fenamiphos total toxic residue degraded more rapidly in nonautoclaved soil previously exposed to fenamiphos than in nonautoclaved soil never exposed to fenamiphos. This accelerated degradation was due to more rapid degradation of fenamiphos sulfoxide and appears to be biologically mediated. Key words: accelerated degradation, degradation, enhanced degradation, fenamiphos, fenamiphos sulfone, fenamiphos sulfoxide, metabolite, microbial degradation, nematicide, nematode, pesticide degradation.

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