Efficacy and Compatibility for Fenamiphos and EPTC Applied in Irrigation Water for Nematode and Weed Control in Snapbean Production

A. W. Johnson, D. A. Smittle, D. R. Sumner, N. C. Glaze


A nematicide (fenamiphos) and a herbicide (EPTC) were injected into a sprinkler irrigation system separately and as tank mixtures and applied in 25.4 kl water/ha for nematode and weed control on snapbean. There were no differences (P = 0.05) between methods of injection of fenamiphos + EPTC on efficacy or crop response. The root-gall indices of cultivars Eagle and GV 50 were lower in fenamiphos-treated plots than those treated with EPTC alone and untreated plots. The yield and crop value were greater (P = 0.05) for cultivars Eagle and Nemasnap than GV 50. Fenamiphos 4.48 kg a.i./ha + EPTC 3.36 kg a.i./ha controlled root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita, ring nematodes, Criconemella ornata, and weeds, and resulted in greater plant growth, yield, and crop value than those from untreated plots. No benefits (P = 0.05) resulted from treatment with fenamiphos at 6.72 kg a.i./ha + EPTC treatment compared with fenamiphos at 4.48 kg a.i. + EPTC. Key words: Criconemella ornata, EPTC, fenamiphos, Meloidogyne incognita, nemagation, nematode, Phaseolus vulgaris, root-knot nematode, snapbean, weeds.

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