Efficacy of Fenamiphos Formulations Applied through Irrigation for Control of Meloidogyne incognita on Squash

A. W. Johnson, J. R. Young


Management ofMeloidogyne incognita by chemigation with fenamiphos was studied in an infested field planted to M. incognita-suscepfible yellow summer squash cv. Dixie Hybrid. Fenamiphos (VL 73.1% a.i. manufacturing concentrate in propylene glycol) was mixed with Unitol DSR-90 or used as fenamiphos 3 SC (spray concentrate). Both formulations, applied with 63.5 kl irrigation water per hectare, decreased numbers of M. incognita second-stage juveniles in the soil and root-gall indices, and increased yield of squash compared with the untreated control. There was no benefit achieved by mixing the fenamiphos concentrate with Unitol DSR-90 over the use of fenamiphos 3 SC formulation. Fenamiphos application rates between 3.36 and 6.72 kg a.i./ha could provide control of M. incognita comparable to that obtained with 6.72 kg a.i./ha. Reduced rates of fenamiphos applied with irrigation water used to control plant-parasitic nematodes could reduce the potential for groundwater pollution as well as cost to the grower. Key words: Cucurbita pepo, fenamiphos, Meloidogyne incognita, nemagation, nematicide, nematode, root-knot nematode, summer squash.

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