Amended Descriptions of Longidorus sylphus Thorne, 1939, L. crassus Thorne, 1974, and L. fragilis Thorne, 1974 (Nematoda: Longidoridae)

R. T. Robbins, D. J. F. Brown


Lectotypes are designated for Longidorus sylphus, L. crassus, and L, fragilis from Thorne's original specimens. Amended descriptions, tables of morphological means, ranges and standard deviations, photographs of the anterior, vulval, and tail regions, and diagnoses and relationships are provided for each of the three species to aid identification and to better determine phylogenetic relationships within the genus Longidorus. Key words: amended description, lectotype, Longidorus crassus, Longidorus fragilis, Longidorus sylphus, morphology, morphometric, nematode, paralectotype, systematics, taxonomy.

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