Comparison of Extraction and Shipping Methods for Cysts and Juveniles of Heterodera glycines

R. D. Riggs, D. P. Schmitt, A. Mauromoustakos


Experiments to determine the effects of extraction techniques and the influence of shipping on extraction of Heterodera glycines life stages gave variable results. Shipping did not significantly affect numbers of nematodes extracted. More second-stage juveniles (J2) were extracted with Baermann funnels than with an elutriator, probably because incubation of encysted eggs on the Baermann funnel for 1 week allowed hatching to occur. Sieving was more efficient than elutriation for extracting cysts. Adding air agitation to the water pressure during elutriation increased extraction efficiency of cysts but not J2. Sample sizes of 250 cm³ and 500 cm³ did not influence extraction efficiency of cysts; however, sample size did influence extraction of J2. Key words: Baennann funnel, centrifugal flotation, cyst, egg, elutriation, extraction, Heterodera glycines, methods, nematode, second-stage juvenile, shipping, soybean cyst nematode.

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