Precision Farming and Precision Pest Management: The Power of New Crop Production Technologies

R. Mack Strickland, Daniel R. Ess, Samuel D. Parsons


The use of new technologies including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Global Positioning System (GPS), Variable Rate Technology (VRT), and Remote Sensing (RS) is gaining acceptance in the present high-technology, precision agricultural industry. GIS provides the ability to link multiple data values for the same geo-referenced location, and provides the user with a graphical visualization of such data. When GIS is coupled with GPS and RS, management decisions can be applied in a more precise "micro-managed" manner by using VRT techniques. Such technology holds the potential to reduce agricultural crop production costs as well as crop and environmental damage. Key words: agriculture, geographic information systems, GIS, global positioning system, GPS, management, nematode, remote sensing, review, RS, variable rate technology, VRT.

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