Influence of Temperature on Multiplication and Egg Hatching of Longidorus africanus

Antoon T. Ploeg


Longidorus africanus multiplication on tomato was highest at 29 ºC. Few nematodes were recovered after 6 weeks at soil temperatures of 35 ºC or below 23 ºC. The time to egg hatching was shortest and the percentage of eggs hatching was highest at 29 ºC. The minimum temperature and the heat sum above this temperature required for egg development were calculated to be 14.3 ºC and 94.08 degree-days, respectively. The thermal times required for egg development by L. africanus and L. elongatus were nearly identical. For both species the product of the base temperature and the heat sum was near constant, and at a temperature of 22.3 ºC the rates of egg development were equal.


egg development; longidorus africanus; longidorus elongatus; nematode; thermal time relationships

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