Reproductive Variability of Field Populations of Meloidogynespp. on Grape Rootstocks

Safdar A. Anwar, M. V. McKenry, J. Faddoul


Variability in penetration, development, and reproduction of two resistance-breaking field pathotypes (pt.) of Meloidogyne arenaria, M. incognita, and a population of mixed Meloidogyne spp. virulent to grape hosts were compared on two resistant Vitis rootstocks 'Freedom' and 'Harmony' in separate tests. 'Cabernet Sauvignon' was included as a susceptible host to all four nematode populations. Secondstage juveniles (J2) of the mixed population failed to penetrate Freedom roots. By contrast, 6% of J2 in the M. incognita population penetrated Freedom roots but did not develop beyond the swollen J2 stage. The two resistance-breaking populations of M. arenaria differed in their virulence except on susceptible roots of Cabernet Sauvignon. More J2 of M. arenaria pt. Freedom penetrated Freedom roots and reached adult stage than did M. arenaria pt. Harmony. Later life stages of M. arenaria pt. Freedom occurred earlier and in greater numbers in Harmony roots than did M. arenaria pt. Harmony. Reproduction of M. arenaria pt. Freedom was greater in Freedom and Harmony roots than M. arenaria pt. Harmony. Thus, one population of M. arenaria is highly virulent and the other is moderately virulent.


development; grape rootstocks; meloidogyne arenaria; meloidogyne incognita; mixed meloidogyne spp.; nematode; pathotype; reproduction; variability; virulent

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