Effect of Field Crops on Density of Pratylenchusin South Eastern Australia; Part 2: P. thornei

Grant J. Hollaway


The effect of 93 field crop and pasture cultivars on the end-of-season population densities of Pratylenchus thornei in soil was determined in the field in southeastern Australia. Wheat and barley cultivars had different effects on the population densities of P. thornei. Most commercial wheat cultivars that are grown in southeastern Australia were susceptible, while the barley cultivars were resistant or moderately resistant. Lentil, field pea, fenugreek, linseed, and medic were found to be resistant to P. thornei, while faba bean and canola were moderately resistant and narbon bean, subterranean clover, and vetch were susceptible. This study will enable growers to select rotational crops to reduce the population densities of these nematodes and therefore minimize the yield loss they cause.


barley; canola; crop rotation; faba bean; fallow; field crop; field pea; lentil; management; pratylenchus thornei; resistance; root lesion nematode; vetch; wheat

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