Phylogenetic Relationships Based on Ribosomal DNA Data for Four Species of Cyst Nematodes from Italy and One from Syria

A. Sabo, N. Vovlas, V. R. Ferris


Phylogenetic analysis of new ribosomal DNA (rDNA) data for Heterodera mediterranea, H. hordecalis, H. carotae, and H. fici from Italy and H. ciceri from Syria, along with published data for other species, showed high bootstrap support for the following relationships: (((((H. carotae H. cruciferae) H. goettingiana) (((H. trifolii H. ciceri) H. mediterranea) ((H. avenae H. latipons) H. fici))) (Cactodera betulae H. hordecalis)) (Globodera rostochiensis G. pallida)). The rDNA sequence data were for the two internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2) plus the 5.8S gene between them. These inferred relationships support the classic ''Goettingiana Group'' of H. carotae, H. cruciferae, and H. goettingiana. A clade comprised of Cactodera betulae and H. hordecalis is only distantly related to the other species in the analysis.


heterodera; heterodera carotae; heterodera ciceri; heterodera fici; heterodera hordecalis; heterodera mediterranea; its1; its2; phylogenetic analysis; ribosomal dna; 5.8s gene

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