Effect of Artemisia vulgaris Rhizome Extracts on Hatching, Mortality, and Plant Infectivity of Meloidogyne megadora

S. dos S. da R. Costa, M. S. N. de A. Santos, M. F. Ryan


The activity of an ethanolic rhizome extract of Artemisia vulgaris against hatching, mortality, host plant infectivity, and galling of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne megadora was investigated. The extract inhibited egg hatch (50% inhibition by 2.35mg/ml) and caused second-stage juvenile mortality (50% lethality at 12 hours' exposure to 55.67 mg/ml), both in a dose-dependent manner. Nematode infectivity on Phaseolus vulgaris 'Bencanta Trepar', a susceptible host, decreased in a dose-responsive manner (50% inhibition at 6.28 hours exposure to extract). When applied directly to the soil, the extract reduced root galling on a susceptible host in a dose-dependent manner (50% inhibition by 32.36 mg/ml). After dilution in distilled water, the extract did not lose activity when stored in the dark at 25ºC for 15 days.


artemisia vulgaris; botanical-nematicide; meloidogyne megadora; mugwort; root-knot nematode; toxicity

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