Spatial Distribution of Dorylaimid and Mononchid Nematodes from the Southeast Iberian Peninsula: Environmental Characterization of Chorotypes

G. Liebanas, P. GUERRERO, J.-M. Martin-Garcia, R. Pena-Santiago


The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of 18 environmental variables in the spatial distribution of 30 chorotypes (species groups with significantly similar distribution patterns) of dorylaimid and mononchid nematodes by means of logistic regression in a natural area in the southeastern Iberian Peninsula. Six variables (elevation, color chroma, clay content, nitrogen content, CaCO[sub3], and plant community associated) were the most important environmental factors that helped explain the distribution of chorotypes. The distribution of most chorotypes was characterized by some (one to three) environmental variables; only two chorotypes were characterized by five or more variables, and four have not been characterized.


biogeography; chorotypes; dorylaimida; environmental characterization; iberian peninsula; mononchida; spatial distribution

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