Discrimination of Six Pratylenchus Species Using PCR and Species-Specific Primers

L. Al-Banna, A. T. Ploeg, V. M. Williamson, I. Kaloshian


A PCR-based assay for identification of six species of Pratylenchus common in California is described. In this assay, five forward species-specific primers were designed from the internal variable portion of the D3 expansion region of the 26S rDNA and were each used with a single, common reverse primer. The optimized species-specific primers produced unique amplicons from their respective target and did not amplify DNA from other Pratylenchus species. With this assay we were able to identify single females to species level. This method obviates the need for subsequent RFLP or sequence analysis of the PCR product and can be used as a rapid diagnostic tool in epidemiological and management studies.


d3 26s rdna; diagnostic; pratylenchus; pcr; species-specific primers

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